Candy Crush Friends

From doing quick prototyping together with developers early on in the project, to later doing art for characters, environments and gameboard, I finally ended up focusing completely on character art. I worked on modeling, texturing and implementation of characters in the game engine, as well as basic rigging and animation. I also set up a lot of the structure and conventions in our character art pipeline to make sure it was easy to work with for both artists and developers.

My interest in the pipeline and my technical abilities caught the attention of the tech art lead here in Stockholm, and in 2018 I got the great opportunity to join them while learning more about coding and the tech art job. As a tech artist I am engaged in most of the live games in Stockholm, focusing on the Candy Crush franchise and Candy Crush Soda in particular. Here I write Python tools to help artists, mostly for Maya but also for our engine. I also create shaders in GLSL for the various games, and support other game artists in their day-to-day tasks.

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